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Barbara A. Kellom, author, storyteller & Playhouse Director

Magic, Giggles & Love Book Fans

Your book "Magic, Giggles & Love" received an awesome review from a very picky reader, my 10 year old daughter. I had the book in the car and she picked it up on her own and read the entire book. She said it was a very good book of poems and that she liked it! Congratulations on creating an awesome book Barbara!!!
-Kalyn Risker

I have been meaning to tell you that I did purchase your book... it is delightful! The 'title' poem hooked me and I decided to order it from Amazon about a month and a half ago. I am now reading some of the poems to my 2 year old grandson... l think I will teach him one of your poems.
-J. Newash

My Sis-in-law loves the book. Says the little girl on the cover looks like her grand baby. Hair style and all.
-A. Alexander

...I love the words and graphics. I'm sharing it with our daycare children.

I got it! He loved it!

It is a delightful collection of poems.

Your book is absolutely beautiful!
-S. Shakoor

My copy…

Sunshine on My Windowpane by Barbara A. Kellom

About Magic, Giggles & Love

Magic, Giggles and Love is a collection of poems. Some were written for my daughter as she was growing up to be examples of love, laughter, and the joys of childhood.  Others were written with the genuine thought that poetry encourages creativity and imagination in children everywhere.
Whether you are a parent, relative or teacher these poems will help you express emotions, instill confidence, and even teach a little history.  So...even though this was written as an expression of love for my daughter, all children can learn from the poems on these pages.  Enjoy the journey and the beautiful colorful illustrations done by my goddaughter, Rejena Smiley. 44pp. My Visions Works Publishing
Barbara A. Kellom