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Book Beat Book Signing was GREAT!

Hey Friends,

MG&L is evolving...stay tuned!

& Love!

Barbara A. Kellom, author, storyteller & Playhouse Director

Magic, Giggles & Love Book Fans

Your book "Magic, Giggles & Love" received an awesome review from a very picky reader, my 10 year old daughter. I had the book in the car and she picked it up on her own and read the entire book. She said it was a very good book of poems and that she liked it! Congratulations on creating an awesome book Barbara!!!
-Kalyn Risker

I have been meaning to tell you that I did purchase your book... it is delightful! The 'title' poem hooked me and I decided to order it from Amazon about a month and a half ago. I am now reading some of the poems to my 2 year old grandson... l think I will teach him one of your poems.
-J. Newash

My Sis-in-law loves the book. Says the little girl on the cover looks like her grand baby. Hair style and all.
-A. Alexander

...I love the words and graphics. I'm sharing it with our daycare children.

I got it! He loved it!

It is a delightful collection of poems.

Your book is absolutely beautiful!
-S. Shakoor

My copy…

Sunshine on My Windowpane by Barbara A. Kellom